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Coaching College's Bookshop is designed to provide the tools to assist in building your Vision and Direction and help map your intended learning adventure! It creates an opportunity for you to reflect on your past, contemplate your future so you are in control of your destiny and your required actions of TODAY.
No Judgement simply the opportunity to create without judgement, inspire your personal reflection, influence your own thoughts and decisions and involve yourself in actions with clear intentions. Hold the thought: ACTIONS + DOUBT = COURAGE!
It takes enormous courage to take pause and spend time on yourself. To really consider what your intentions are for your whole of life.
In all our workshops when we discuss the word change it triggers the full gamut of emotions from fear and anxiety to excitement and passion. We believe that change = learning and once we learn something change happens. So if you are up for learning then you are at the perfect place.

Will this be the year you unlock your potential?

Coaching College - Mapping My Life for Change

Mapping My Life for ChangeTM

Is this your life's pattern? - How often do you start, stop, start and stop something in your life?
Has this been a too bigger influence in YOUR life "up until now"? Courage has 'turned up' and we have finally completed our roadmap for your personal inspirational journey. In our Coaching practice we have always taken a holistic approach to coaching with our clients, so it seemed a natural progression to create a tool with a 'whole of life' approach to help others create the magic in their lives.

Mapping My Life for ChangeTM is your compass and map for Living YOUR Life ON PURPOSE.
Our intention for Mapping My Life for ChangeTM and dairy is the compass for people to set their clear intentions, attain their goals and catch their purpose regardless of your financial situation.

Imagine being able to find your Personal Power, Purpose and Passion in one place?
Mapping My Life for ChangeTM action plan and diary has an intention to support your transitional thinking regarding your choices for log, medium and short team goals across your lifestyle. This has been purposely designed to set out your long, short and immediate term goals.
* Family and working Relationships
* Health
* Well being
* Wealth
* Career options
* Business
* Community participation

The most powerful voice you have is what you say to yourself and you believe.
For those of you who are setting your intentions and aspirations for the very first time, know this is the start of your new habit forming action. We congratulate you on your courage and determination to hold your destiny in your heart and mind.

At Coaching College our expert coaches provide the support from executives to team leaders considering any changes to your current career or employment.
Our experienced and qualified Career Coaches and Counsellors can provide you with a thorough diagnostic process beginning with our Mapping My Life for ChangeTM holistic life coaching tool.

Please click here for more information:Mapping My Life For Change

$75.00 AUD

Coaching College - Relationships Matter

Relationships MatterTM Values Conversation Cards

  • Conduct more effective meetings
  • Create a powerful team culture
  • Improve communication and working relationships
  • Resolve conflict between team members
  • Create team agreements
  • Develop mediation skills
  • Develop negotiation and influencing skills
  • 1 case contains 10 sets of cards. Each set consists of 59 standard size high quality playing cards in an easy to carry case.
    Each card has a printed image or word.

    $475.00 AUD
    1 case contains 10 sets of cards. Each set consists of 59 standard size high quality playing cards in an easy to carry case.
    Each card has a printed image or word


    Mapping MY Life For ChangeTM

    $75.00 AUD

    Vision Value Cards

    $475.00 AUD